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Departmental Stores

A Department Store is a Retail Establishment, usually part of a chain of stores that sell a wide variety of goods organized by department. Product lines are vast and normally include multiple brands to appeal to a wide variety of consumer choices, with customer service counters spread throughout the store. Department stores can be further delineated into discount department stores, which often carry groceries in addition to the other products lines, and are differentiated by a bank of customer checkout counters located at the front of the store. Supercenters define an extended group of department stores that carry groceries in bulk quantities at discounts, and require a yearly membership fee. The convenient department store has been a popular worldwide model for well over 100 years. We can thank the UK for the world's first department store, Bainbridge, established in Newcastle in 1838 by Emerson Muschamp Bainbridge and William Alder Dunn. Departmental Store, Departmental Stores In , Departmental Stores In Delhi, More Departmental Store, Departmental Stores, List Of Departmental Stores, Departmental Stores. If You have a Departmental Store and Looking for a Publicity this is the Right Place For Your Needs. Post Free Ads and Get Free Advertisement.

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