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Platinum Jewellery

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Platinum is an extremely rare metal, even rarer than gold. There isn't much of it around and it has only been found in select locations across the planet. Platinum is a strong, dense metal, which allows it to be used in many different ways. Besides platinum jewelry, it is also used to make catalytic converters, and it is helpful in the medical field because it resists oxidation. As the perfect material for pacemakers, platinum not only makes lovely jewelry, but also helps save lives. Jewelry made with platinum is very sturdy and resilient, making it ideal for everyday wear. Like other types of metal jewelry, it can become scratched, but a scratch won't damage platinum in the same way that it damages other precious metals. Platinum jewelry will maintain its color, brilliance and weight even when scratched, while other metals may lose their luster or become blemished or discolored.

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