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Meat is Animal Flesh that is eaten as food. Humans are Omnivorous, and have Hunted and Killed Animals for Meat Since Prehistoric Times. The Advent of Civilization allowed the Domestication of Animals such as Chickens, Sheep, Pigs and Cattle, and Eventually their Use in Meat Production on an Industrial Scale. Meat is Mainly Composed of Water and Protein, and is Usually Eaten Together With Other Food. It is Edible Raw, But is Normally Eaten After it has Been Cooked and Seasoned or Processed in a Variety of Ways. Unprocessed Meat will Spoil within hours or days. Spoilage is caused by the practically unavoidable infection and subsequent decomposition of meat by Bacteria and Fungi, which are borne by the animal itself, by the people handling the meat, and by their implements. This is a Free Classified. Post Free Listings on Meat Food, Buy Meat, Buy Poultry Meat, Buy Beef Meat, Buy/Sell Meat in , Meat Food for Sale. This is a Free Classified. Post Free ADs on them and Find your Requirements.. Click To View Present Classifieds

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