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Want to Buy Pumps and Motors? or Do you want to Sell your Pumps and Motors? Then, you are in the right platform where you can post or view free and unlimited listings to Buy or Sell New or Used Pumps and Motors or Search for All Types of Pumps and Motors .

Lets see few examples of Pumps and MotorsEx1: A Submersible pump is a pump that is able to be placed underwater and still carry out its intended purpose. Some pumps may be designed to work while being fully submerged, whereas others may be submerged or placed in a dry area. It is important to understand what type of pump you are dealing with in order that no damage is incurred when it is being used.
Ex2: A Centrifugal pump increases the speed of a liquid in a pipe system by using a rotating impeller. An impeller is built inside the pump itself and is responsible for moving the liquid into the pump. This type of pump is most commonly used in relation to a liquid pipe system and can be found in a manufacturing environment, water treatment or food processing plant. The centrifugal pump was first documented in 1475 in the writings of Francesco di Giorgio Martini. Modern pumps were developed in the late 1600's by Denis Papin.

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