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Buy or Sell a Renault cars at on just posting or viewing free and unlimited listings. You can either post ads to Buy or Sell New or Used Renault or you may view Free Listings of Renault Cars at this platform.

Renault: Founded in the year 1899 as Society Renault Freres by the three Renault brothers Louis, Marcel and Fernand, Renault S.A. is a multinational car manufacturing company based in France. Although, officially, the company's foundation stone was laid in 1899, the first car to be sold with the Renault badge can be traced back to the year 1898. This first Renault car, which was called as the Renault Voiturette 1CV was designed and built by Louis Renault himself. Being a brilliant young engineer of his time, Louis had created several models of his own even before he joined hands with his brothers to bring the Renault car company into being, the first of which was the Voiturette, later bought by a friend of the founding brothers' father. If there is one thing other than price that holds the power to change the fate of a car in the Indian automobile market, it is the fuel economy that the car promises to deliver. and very understandably so. In a country like India, where fuel prices and their unpredictable jumps are one of the worst worries of the common man, fuel-economy is bound to have a major control over the sales records of automobiles.

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