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How to hire Tele callers? - Connect EZJobs

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Reduce your tele caller hiring time by incorporating these 5 
Methods to hire tele callers here are some methods mentioned. 
Table of content: 
Newspaper classified ad 
Using Social media advertising 
Campus placements 
Word of mouth 
Agency recruitment method 
Employees like tele callers are supposed to explain the company’s 
Product or services, take customer requirements, explain the 
Solution by understanding their pain points first, and nurture 
Them to push them further down the sales funnel. They often do 
This either via talking to them over phone or via chat messages. 
Tele calling job profile includes excellent listening and 
Communication skills. He/she should be able to handle 
Multitasking also. here are some methods  
1. Newspaper classified ad 
Newspaper classified is known as newspaper ads, these classifieds 
Will help you to reach the right person and hire the tele caller 
By that. So, here are some steps to create a classified ad. 
Step 1: Firstly, Select the newspaper and talk to the newspaper 
Step 2: Get ready with the creative classified ad 
Step 3: Complete the payment process to display the ad  
Step 4: Check your ad in tomorrow's newspaper 
Step 5: You will receive calls and emails when the ad is 
Note: Publish your ad on weekend days as it will work effectively 
On these days.  
2. Using Social media advertising 
In this world, a large part of tele callers is on social media 
And the maximum number of recruiters are using social media. So, 
This is the best platform to post an ad on hiring a tele caller. 
You can use channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, 
Etc and many more. Many people are looking into job postings on 
Social media, even you can post a job listing ad of yours. Here 
Are the steps to post a job listing ad. 
Step 1: Select a platform where you want to post your job listing 
Step 2: Go to the company's profile page  
Step 3: Create an ad campaign and complete campaign details. 
Step 4:  post an ad  
Step 5: You will get the applications and start interviewing them 
Note: Ask your digital marketer to do an ad. 
3. Campus placements 
The colleges have young and dynamic skilled persons, so this is 
One of the best ways of hiring. Here you can execute campaigns, 
Workshops, drives, and seminars, these techniques will help you 
Pick the best candidate for your job. Here are some steps to 
Acquire a candidate. 
Step 1: Select a college 
Step 2: Conduct a seminar and define our goals and targets in 
Step 3: you can offer an internship program 
Step 4: Select the candidates and interview them 
Step 5: Hire them with their abilities   
4. Word of mouth 
Word of mouth is that when a customer is interested in the 
Company's services. This is the world's fastest-spreading 
Procedure, where you can tell every one of your contacts 
Including your friends and talk about your requirements. Doing 
This will ensure you will get a perfect tele caller. You can 
Create whatapp groups and Facebook groups add stories to them. 
5. Agency recruitment method 
An agency strategy is one of the best ways to hire candidates. 
Here an agency has several employers list and many candidates 
Also, you can list your job post through this, Recruiter will 
Call and interview them. These agencies have the capacity to hire 
A lot of candidates for your requirements.  
Tele callers are those who are describing their product to the 
People. Tele callers should have excellent communication skills 
And should talk to their clients with a smile. These are above 
Methods will help you to hire a perfect tele caller. 
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