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Brass Instruments

The Term Brass Instrument is Slightly Misleading, as Not all Brass Instruments are Construed from Brass. In fact the term is Defined by the Way the Sound is Made; where the Player's Lips Vibrate Against A Mouthpiece, Creating The Noise which is then Controlled by Either Valves or a Slide. Within this Category, you'll find Alto, Tenor & Baritone Horns, Bugles, Cornets, Euphoniums, Flugelhorns, French Horns, Marching Brass, Trombones, Trumpets and Tubas. We only Stock the Most Trusted Brands, including Allora Brass Instruments and Bach Brass Instruments. A Brass Instrument is a Musical Instrument that produces Sound by Sympathetic Vibration of Air in a Tubular Resonator in Sympathy with the Vibration of the Player's Lips. Brass Instruments are also called Labrosones, Literally meaning Lip-Vibrated Instruments. There are Several Factors involved in Producing different Pitches on a Brass Instrument. Slides, Valves, Crooks, or Keys are used to Change Vibratory Length of Tubing, thus Changing the available Harmonic Series, while the Player's Embouchure, Lip Tension and Air Flow Serve to Select the Specific Harmonic Produced from the Available Series. Post Free Listings on Brass Band Instrument, Brass Musical Instruments, Musical Instrument, String Instruments, Brass Wind Instruments, Trombone, Guitars, Drums, Music Instrument, Saxaphone. This is a Free Classified. This is the one Platform where you can Post all your Needs.. Click To View Present Classifieds

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Selmer Paris Alto Mark VI Saxophone.........$2000usd Selmer Paris 53 Series III Soprano Saxophone ...... $ 1000usd Selmer (Paris) Soprano Saxophone 53A .........

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