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Siemens Mobile was a Mobile Phone Manufacturer and a Division of Siemens AG. Siemens Sold Siemens Mobile to the Taiwan-Based BenQ in 2005, which Subsequently became BenQ-Siemens. The Last Siemens Mobile Phones, the AL21, A31 and AF51, were Released in November 2005. Siemens Group in Angola is one of the Leaders in the Field of Electronics and Electronic Engineering. Siemens offers Varied Products in the Field of Systems and Services, Transportation, Healthcare, Communications, Information Technology etc. Siemens Mobile Phones Pack High-Tech Technology in their Super Sleek Mobile Phones. Most Siemens Mobile Phones Come With The Usual Features Such as Vibrator, SMS Facility, LCD Display, Games, Organizer, Phonebook, Alarm Clock etc. Siemens A50 is a Dual-Band GSM Phone Equipped with Monochrome LCD display, games, SMS facility etc. Siemens A52, A55 etc are dual band GSM mobile phones that feature, polyphonic ringtones, SMS facility, LCD Colour Display, Touch Screen etc. Siemens A60 and the C-Series Mobile Phones (such as C55, C60, C62, C65 etc) are Triband GSM Phones, that Offer GPRS Wireless Technology with Polyphonic Ringtone, Handsfree Set, Vibrate and Colour LCD. Siemens M-Series Triband GSM Mobile Phones (such as M55, M65 etc) are Outfitted with Features such as Polyphonic Ringtones, JAVA Games, Supports WAP, can be Synchronized with the PC etc. Siemens S-series (such as S40, S55, S65, SF65 etc) Triband GSM Phones come with GPRS facility, IrDA connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, MMS facility, JAVA support, some are also equipped with a camera, support WAP, can be synchronized with the Computer etc. Post Listings on Dual Sim Mobiles, Buy Mobiles, Cheapest Mobiles, New Mobile Phones, Siemen Mobiles, Siemen Mobiles for Sale, Siemen Mobiles for Sale in Angola, Used/Latest Siemen Mobiles for Sale Angola, Latest Siemen Mobiles. Click To View Present Classifieds

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