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Videographers and Photographers

Videography Refers to the Process of Capturing Moving Images on Electronic Media (e.g., videotape, direct to disk recording, or solid state storage like a Tapeless camcorder) Even Streaming Media. The Term Includes Methods of Video Production and Post-Production. It is the Equivalent of Cinematography, but with Images Recorded on Electronic Media Instead of Film Stock.

Photography is the Art, Science And Practice of Creating Durable Images by Recording Light or Other Electromagnetic Radiation, Either Chemically by Means of a Light-Sensitive Material such as Photographic Film, or Electronically by means of an Image Sensor. Typically, a Lens is used to focus the Light Reflected or Emitted from Objects into a real image on the Light-Sensitive Surface inside a Camera during a Timed Exposure. The Result in an Electronic Image Sensor is an Electrical Charge at Each Pixel, which is Electronically Processed and Stored in a Digital Image File for Subsequent Display or Processing. Post Listings on Wedding Video Editing, Photography And Videography, Portrait Photography, Videographers, Wedding Albums, Studio Photography, Top Wedding Photographers. This is a free Classified.

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