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A Teacher Promotes and Facilitates Learning among a Group of Students. Some Individuals Who Work Under This Professional Title Specialize in a Particular Subject, such as English, Computer Science, or Art. Others, such as Kindergarten teachers, may cover a Broad Range of Subjects. Being a Teacher Requires a Person to have a Wide Range of Skills Beyond Knowledge of her Subject Area. As Society Changes, So does the Job of Teaching. Teachers had and Continue to have a Critical Role in Society. Without them, it would be Extremely Difficult, if not Impossible, for People to Learn the Skills that they Need to Survive and Succeed. In Addition to Academic Instruction in Areas such as Science, Literature, and History, Teachers are also Widely Responsible for Individuals Social and life skills. For example, students are commonly taught how to engage in healthy relationships, manage their finances, and search for employment. Post Listings on Professional Development Of Teachers, Professional Growth Of Teachers, Professional Ethics Of Teachers, Preparation Of Professional Teacher In Nursing, Professional Teacher, Continuous Professional Development For Teachers, Professional Development Of Teacher, Professional Growth Of A Teacher. This is a Free Classified.. Click To View Present Classifieds

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