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A Plumber is Someone who Specializes in the Installation and Repair of Pipes that are used to Carry Water, Gas, Sewage, and Waste water. These Pipes are often Collectively Referred to as ?Plumbing.? Members of this Profession Typically Train as Apprentices before Striking out on their own; in some regions, they must take licensing exams before establishing their own businesses. This ensures that they are familiar with prevailing health and safety codes, since poorly installed pipes can have very serious consequences. The word is derived from the Latin plumbum, for ?lead.? Historically, all pipes and joints were made from lead, and plumbers were literally ?lead workers? in addition to pipe-layers. Although lead piping has since been banned in most regions of the world due to health concerns, the profession retains its name. Since these experts often delve into the depths of pipes to clear clogs or diagnose problems, the term ?plumbing? is used colloquially to describe deeply digging for information. Incidentally, ?plumb? as in ?level? is also related to plumbum; workers used to dangle chunks of lead on string from frames and other structures to check to see if they were level. Post Listings on Plumbing Services, Plumbing Contractors, Plumber Services, Plumber Service, Local Plumber, Plumber Bathroom Fittings, Plumbing Service, Plumbing Contractor, Master Plumber. This is a Free Classified.. Click To View Present Classifieds

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