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A Painter is an Artist or Craftsman that Creates Works made using Paint. Some are Formally Trained through Art School or an Apprenticeship, while Others choose to Train Themselves. Painters, like any Artists, have a Chance at Becoming Famous or Wealthy through their Work, but most painters do their work out of a love and passion for it, rather than for the possibility of lucrative returns. Historians are not Even Sure what the Paintings Commemorate, or why they were made. The painters of Lascaux and Chauvet do serve as an ultimate reminder of the vast history and culture of painting, and may even Provide Inspiration for Painters Today. There are Many Famous Painters throughout History, each beloved by fans for their unique perspective, prodigious skill, or vision. There is not one quality that makes a great painter, because the styles brought to the medium are so diverse. Luckily, the Ongoing Human Fascination with the Arts has allowed many famous paintings to be preserved, studied, and used to influence new generations of painters and art lovers alike. Post Listings on Mali Painters, Famous Mali Painters, Painters Of Mali, World Famous Painters, Famous Painter, Great Painters, Painting Services, Home Painting Service, Professional Painter, House Painting Contractors, Commercial Painting Services. This is a Free Classified Site.. Click To View Present Classifieds

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