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Multimedia Designer

A Multimedia Designer uses Art, Sound and Design Skills to Create Video, Audio And Animated Images. Her job requires imagination and creativity coupled with technical expertise in applying a wide range of software applications. She normally works in a creative industry, such as computer or Web marketing, film making or television. Her graphics, audio and animation skills are also commonly applied in the fields of education, advertising and software design. A person in this position often has background or experience in graphic design. Before the advent of computers, a graphic designer created images and developed concepts on paper. A multimedia designer typically has talents in this field that she expounds upon by incorporating sound, still pictures, animation and video applications. These projects normally include the production of DVDs and CD-ROMs. Post Listings on Web Design Services, Multimedia Designing, Website Design Services, Web Design And Development, Graphic Designing, Multimedia System Design, Website Design Company. This is a Free Classified.. Click To View Present Classifieds

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