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A Farmer (also called an Agriculturer) is a Person Engaged in Agriculture, Raising Living Organisms for Food or Raw Materials. The Term Usually Applies to People who do Some Combination of Raising Field Crops, Orchards, Vineyards, Poultry, or other Livestock. A Farmer Might Own the Farmed Land or might work as a Labourer on land owned by others, but in Advanced Economies, a Farmer is Usually a Farm Owner, while Employees of the farm are known as Farm Workers, or Farmhands. Post Listings on A Farmer is an Individual who engages in agriculture and raises living organisms for food or raw materials. The farmer also does livestock husbandry and grows crops such as grain and different produce. A farmer also takes decisions on when to plant, Fertilize, harvest and sell crops.This is a Free Classified site So Post Listings on Farmers In Mali, Indian Farmers, Poultry, Agricultural Farming, Agricultural Workers, Farming Agriculture, Farmer Experts, Farming Professionals, Agriculture Experts, Agriculture Professionals. Post Listings on Farmers Experts and Professionals and Find Them in Mali.. Click To View Present Classifieds

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