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There are Lots of Different Kinds of Doctors. General Practitioners, Family Doctors, and Pediatricians (doctors Just-for-Kids) are the Types Most People see on a Regular Basis for Things like the flu, a fever, a Check-up or Physical, a Vaccination, and Other Common Needs. Other Doctors Specialize in Specific Health Fields or Particular Body Systems. Some Examples of Specialists include Cardiologists (heart and blood), Dermatologists (Skin), Allergists and Immunologists (Allergic Reactions and Immune System), Neurologists (Brain and Nervous System), and Internists (Internal Organs). There are also Surgeons, whose Specialty is Performing Operations!. Some doctors work in an office, others in the hospital, and Some in Places you Might not think of, Like Laboratories where they Develop New Medicines and Research Cures! Doctors see Patients, Run and Interpret Tests, Prescribe Medicines or Treatments, Talk to Patients about how to Stay Healthy, respond to Emergencies, and Regularly Read Books and Medical Journals or take Classes to Keep their Knowledge Up-to-Date! Most Doctors Work very Long Hours and have to be Available for Emergencies. Post Listings on Doctor Consultation, Doctors Advice, Dispensaries, Expert Doctor Advice, Free Medical Advice, Expert Doctors, Doctor Ask, Free Doctors Advice, Free Doctor Advice, Advice From Doctors, Expert Doctor. This is a Free Classified.. Click To View Present Classifieds

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