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A Pet (or companion animal) is an Animal Kept Primarily for a Person's Company or Protection, as Opposed to Working Animals, Sport Animals, Livestock, and Laboratory Animals, which are Kept Primarily for performance, Agricultural Value, or Research. The Most Popular Pets are Noted for their Attractive Appearances and their Loyal or Playful Personalities.Pets Commonly Provide their Owners (or guardians) Physical and Emotional Benefits. Walking a Dog can Supply both the Human and Pet with Exercise, Fresh Air, and Social Interaction. Pets can give Companionship to Elderly Adults who do not have Adequate Social Interaction with Other People. There is a Medically Approved Class of Therapy Animals, Mostly Dogs, that are brought to Visit Confined Humans. Pet Therapy Utilizes Trained Animals and Handlers to Achieve Specific Physical, Social, Cognitive, and Emotional Goals with Patients. Post Listings on Pet Animals, Cute Pet Animals, Pet Animals For Kids, Pets For Sale, Puppies For Sale, Buy Dogs Online, Pets Help, Pets Charity, Pet Care Centers, Pets Sale and Adoption, Pets Care and Services, Online Pet Services.

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