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When you list an item for auction, buyers are able to bid on your item for the duration you choose up to a maximum of 21 days. You choose a starting price for your item and multiple buyers can bid for it, although it is not recommended for most cases, a reserve price can also optionally be set. You can sell single or multiple quantities in a single listing. You may re-list your item free of charge in case it does not sell. Search for the auctions and Bidding on Items Bosnia and Herzegovina or Post Listings on Auctions and Bidding Bosnia and Herzegovina at InternetLocalClassifieds.com. This is a best online classifieds site that takes you to meet the clients directly and bid on your desired items. Online auctions are auctions that are conducted via the Internet. The most common structure for holding an online auction involves registering as a seller with one of the several Internet-based auction web sites currently in operation. With most applications, all aspects of a traditional auction are replicated in the procedure used by these online sites, including the winning bidder submitting a payment. As with any type of auction, the online auction process normally begins with registering a particular item for auction. The seller sets a minimum bid that must be met in order for anyone to win the item up for auction. Bidding begins when a bidder logs at least this minimum bid, and continues until the auction closes. At the end of the online auction, the winning bidder submits payment using any of the options previously authorized by the seller, and the auctioned item is delivered to the winner, usually by post or a courier service. Post all your listings here as Online Bidding, Online Auction, Auction Bid, Auction Bidding, Reverse Auction Sites, Bid And Win, Lowest Unique Bid, Online Reverse Auction, Web Auction, Auctioneer, Penny Auctions, etc.., at InternetLocalClassifieds.com.

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