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Wedding Planners

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A Wedding Planner or wedding consultant may be hired by an engaged couple to help take care of all the details associated with a wedding before the day and on the wedding day. These details may be significant, or relatively small depending upon the couple?s budget, the guest list, and the type of wedding the couple wishes to have. Typically, the wedding planner?s job is to coordinate all aspects of the wedding and take the burden off the couple?s or their parents? shoulders to create a dream wedding. Initially the wedding planner meets with a couple, or possibly the bride and her parents to determine what type of budget the couple has and what type of wedding they?d like. Based on budget, the wedding planner makes recommendations as to churches or other locations, possibly clergy or others legally authorized to perform weddings, locations for receptions, types of wedding cakes, photography services, musicians or music services (like DJs), and catering services. The next step is to determine theme and decor, which includes deciding on how food will be served, how the reception area will be decorated, and what type of flowers will bedeck any bridesmaids or groomsmen and wedding locations and receptions areas. Successful wedding planners tend to have a large number of contacts so that they can help showcase the different options and services available to people planning a wedding.

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