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Office Equipments

There are various types of office equipments. So, buy these Office Equipments at lowest costs on posting or viewing unlimited classifieds at InternetLocalClassifieds.com.

A Computer is normally the most important tool in an office. Many people type all of their important information into it. The monitor of the computer is the part that has a screen on it, like a television so that you can see all of the information. Many monitors today are flat screen ones. A laptop is a type of portable computer that is smaller and can be carried and used in different places. Now with new technology many people use WIFI to connect to the internet without cords. They can take their laptops anywhere and work outside of the office. Before people had computers they used to use electric typewriters, and before that they used normal typewriters. A Printer allows for information from the computer to be printed onto a piece of paper. A Scanner is a device which scans pictures, text or objects and converts them to digital images. The basic types of image scanners are flatbed, hand, film and drum scanners.

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