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There are several types of Engines, which are used in motor vehicles, heavy vehicles, cars or automobiles etc.., If you are eager to buy these Engines visit InternetLocalClassifieds.com which has made easy in Buying or selling these engines at lowest price. Post Free Ads to Buy or Sell New or Used Engines Congo Rep or View Listings of all Types of Engines Congo Rep at the best online classifieds site. All your ads costs no charge here.

Example: The Diesel engine is a type of internal combustion engine that was invented by Rudolf Diesel. He received a patent for the diesel engine in 1892 and the primary goal was to create an efficient alternative to the gasoline engine. Both gasoline engines and diesel engines work by creating a controlled explosion in a sealed piston chamber. The small explosion rapidly moves the piston which in turn rotates the output shaft. In a gasoline engine, a mixture of fuel and air are injected into the chamber and then ignited with a spark created by a spark plug. A diesel engine, on the other hand, does not rely on a spark plug to ignite the mixture. Fuel is forced into the chamber and the high pressure generates enough heat to ignite the fuel/air mixture. Diesel engines require diesel fuel for the combustion process to function properly. Diesel fuel is cheaper than regular gasoline because less refining is required. In addition, diesel engines are more efficient and therefore diesel cars get better mileage than their gasoline counterparts.

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