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Loaders and Pluckers

Buy or Sell New or Used Loaders and Pluckers Nigeria or Search for the Types of Loaders and Pluckers Nigeria on posting or viewing free classifieds at InternetLocalClassifieds.com.

Loader: A front end Loader is a large engineering vehicle used to pick up and move materials. They are often used in construction sites to move materials into a dump truck, container or other large piece of construction equipment. A front-end loader is also called a scoop loader, skip loader or bucket loader. This type of heavy duty equipment has very large wheels with thick tread. The front of the loader has a large, square-shaped bucket that is connected to the base with two hydraulic arms.

Plucker: A plucking machine is an automated machine made for plucking the feathers off poultry, and it usually is used in poultry processing to defeather dead birds. Most plucking machine units can process many types of poultry, though some may have trouble with heavier birds such as turkeys. Depending on the model and method, most pluckers take from one to six minutes to completely pluck all the feathers off a bird. There are several different methods of plucking, and the common methods include wet, dry and wax. This machine often applies a lot of force to get the feathers off the poultry, but it normally does not damage the skin.

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