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Dumper Trucks

On most construction sites, materials such as gravel, sand and fill dirt must be brought in, while waste materials such as old bricks and excavated dirt must be carried out. The bulk of this work is performed with specialized vehicles called dump trucks. Dump trucks can be as small as a standard passenger truck or as large as an 18-wheeler. They are distinguished by a sturdy rear-mounted truck bed with an open gate on one end and a hydraulic lift on the other. Dump trucks are commonly used to transport loose materials which could not be supported on an open-bed truck. The quarry or other supplier may use front end loaders or an overhead hopper to fill the dump trucks to capacity, then some form of protective cover may be used to keep debris from falling out during transport. Once the dump trucks reach their destination, the back gate is released and a hydraulic lift raises the front of the bed. The material is usually left in piles near the construction area.

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