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If you are working under a construction company or if you have your own construction company then you require some construction equipments like Bulldozers. So, Buy these Bulldozers in a short period of time on just posting your listings at InternetLocalClassifieds.com, also you may sell your construction equipments either on posting their details or by contacting the people who are looking for them on viewing ads.

A Bulldozer is a heavy piece of earth moving equipment which uses a front mounted dozer blade to push soil forward and create a level surface for construction sites. A modern bulldozer consists of a tracked chassis, protective driver cage, rear-mounted ripper claw and a variety of front-mounted blades. Some militaries add armor plating to a standard bulldozer for even more protection and deconstruction power. The earliest bulldozer models were little more than farming tractors equipped with straight front mounted plates for rough landscaping and ploughing. Earth moving equipment manufacturers such as Case, Terex and International Harvester refined the basic design, curving the front blade for improved cutting power through hardened topsoil. Another modification was the addition of a rear mounted 'ripper claw' for breaking up boulders and sections of roadway materials. Some bulldozer blades can also slice through trees or double as front-end loader buckets.

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