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Road Rollers

Buy or Sell New or Used Road Rollers Afghanistan, View Free listings of Road Rollers Afghanistan at InternetLocalClassifieds.com. the one best classifieds site. A Road Roller is a piece of equipment primarily used in the construction of roads. It causes materials such as asphalt, gravel, and dirt to become uniformly compressed and level. Typically, a road roller is comprised of a roller body and at least one metal drum. Sometimes, a road roller may have two or even three drums, depending on the project. In most cases, a person drives the roller, but there are some basic models wherein a person pushes the roller body to create a level surface. Generally, a road roller works when the weight of the drum that is attached to the roller body causes materials to compress and become compact. Post all your needs as Road Rollers, Static Road Roller, Used or Secondhand Road Rollers, Road Rollers for Sale, Types of Road Rollers, New Road Rollers for Sale, Used Road Roller, etc.

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