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Construction Equipments: A wide variety of relatively heavy machines which perform specific construction or demolition functions under power. The power plant is commonly an integral part of an individual machine, although in some cases it is contained in a separate prime mover, for example, a towed wagon or roller. It is customary to classify construction machines in accordance with their functions such as hoisting, excavating, hauling, grading, paving, drilling, or pile driving. There have been few changes for many years in the basic types of machines available for specific jobs, and few in the basic configurations of those that have long been available. Design emphasis for new machines is on modifications that increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy particularly through more sophisticated controls that improve operator comfort and safety; and that protect the public through sound attenuation and emission control. The selection of a machine for a specific job is mainly a question of economics and depends primarily on the ability of the machine to complete the job efficiently, and secondarily on its availability.

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