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Are you in a thought to buy Harvesters or agricultural Harvesters? then, post or view unlimited listings to Buy or Sell your agricultural Harvesters at InternetLocalClassifieds.com. This is the one stop platform where you can contact or meet the buyers or sellers directly without taking help of any mediator.

Combine harvester is one of the harvester type used in agriculture. A Combine harvester is a vital piece of equipment for the modern farm. It is a machine that aids in the harvesting of grain crops by combining three separate functions into one piece of equipment. The combine harvester performs the processes of reaping, threshing, and cleaning. This allows the crop to be harvested more quickly and efficiently, and enables farmers to harvest larger amounts. Some crops that can be harvested using this machine include wheat, soybeans, oats and rye. The first process performed by the combine harvester is reaping, which is cutting down the crop for harvesting. As the combine harvester drives through the field, the crop is pulled into the harvester in the front section, called the header. From there it is pushed further into the machine by a slowly turning wheel called the pickup reel, which also holds the plants for cutting.

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