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Construction Jobs

Are you a Civil Engineer graduate? Are you looking for a Construction Job? Then, search here InternetLocalClassifieds.com all the construction job openings and vacancies. You can find them through posting or viewing classifieds at this site. Every Ad that you post here costs no fee. Post to Search for all Construction Job vacancies or View Classifieds on List of all Construction Job Openings at this site. A Construction worker is Responsible for assisting tradesman on construction sites such as carpenters, bricklayers, demolition experts, drywallers, cement finishers, and roofers. Unloads and loads materials, erects concrete forms and ramps, mix and pour materials such as concrete, and assists in drilling and blasting.

  • Assist construction site workers in erecting structures and demolition.
  • Unload and load construction materials.
  • Distribute materials.
  • Erect concrete forms and scaffolding.
  • Drill and blast into earth and rock.
  • Mix and pour concrete and asphalt.
  • Level concrete and earth using trowels and shovels.
  • Remove debris.
  • Clean up spills and remove hazardous material.
  • Direct and control traffic.
  • Erect traffic control signs.
  • Assist heavy equipment operators to secure special attachments to equipment.

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Construction workers VMST supplies help build qualities [Offer]
Experience[in Years] : 3
Price [Currency] : 550
Gender : Male

Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Company (VMST) caters to your needs of Vietnam construction workers. With clever hands, they build...
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If you are being stuck where to find adequate, right labor forces, find us first. We never take manpower recruitment...
VMST: All-in-one Package for Workers Services [Wanted]
Experience[in Years] : 2
Price [Currency] : 550
Gender : Male

Careful and precise staffing help move your company forward. Give Vietnam Manpower Service and Trading Joint Stock Company your credit...

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