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Financial Advisers and Mentors

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A Financial Advisor or adviser is a trained specialist who helps people with their investments and financial planning. This can mean anything from retirement planning to brokerage advice to tax arrangement. He or she can either work on commission or charge a per-transaction fee every time he or she works with a client. The name of this position is sometimes used interchangeably with the word "broker," but while both professionals offer financial advice, a broker often deals only with investments, while an advisor can also offer guidance on savings, creating a budget, and dealing with debt.

In many professions, it is not uncommon for a newcomer to the field to be placed under the care of an established and seasoned professional. This professional is often charged with the task of helping to train, advise, and share practical experience with the new person in the organization. This process is commonly known as mentoring, and the professional who is responsible for the care and nurture of the newcomer is referred to as a Mentor.Post or View Classifieds of Financial Advisers and Mentors Congo Dem Rep or Search for Various Types of Financial Advisers and Mentors Congo Dem Rep on listings of Financial Aadviser, Financial Broker, Animation Mentors, Media Mentor, Professional Mentor, Clothes Mentor, Technical Mentors Virtual Mentors, Online Mentors, Career Mentors, Journalism Mentor, Career Mentors, Business Mentors, Chess Mentor, Types of Mentors, etc.., at this Classifieds platform InternetLocalClassifieds.com.

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