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Dealers and Agents: A person or firm in the business of buying and selling securities, operating as both a broker and a dealer, depending on the transaction. The term broker-dealer is used in U.S. securities regulation parlance to describe stock brokerages, because most of them act as both agents and principals. A brokerage acts as a broker or agent when it executes orders on behalf of clients, whereas it acts as a dealer or principal when it trades for its own account. Broker-dealers fulfill several important functions in the financial industry; these include providing investment advice to customers, supplying liquidity through market-making activities, facilitating trading activities, publishing investment research and raising capital for companies. Broker-dealers may range in size from small independent boutiques to large subsidiaries of giant commercial and investment banks. Post to Find Dealers and Agents Congo Dem Rep or View Classifieds of Dealers and Agents Congo Dem Rep at InternetLocalClassifieds.com on Business Finance, Brokerage Firms, Broker Dealer, Mortgage Broker, Stock Brokerage, Finance Dealers, Finance Agents, Stock Brokerage Firms, Stock Dealer, Business and Finance Dealers, etc..,

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