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Buy or Sell New or Used Roehr Motorcycles Andorra or Find Various Types of Roehr Motorcycles Andorra at InternetLocalClassifieds.com on posting or viewing free listings of motorcycles. This is a right and perfect platform who cannot afford time in searching for their needs. This is site brought you this opportunity to finish your work or get your desired things in a very short time.

Roehr Motorcycles: In 1995, company founder, Walter Roehrich set out to build his ultimate street bike. It needed to be light weight, powerful and above all handle like a current GP bike. The desire to take on this challenging project grew from Walter Roehrich's love and passion for the motorcycle and a desire to express his idea's and build a unique bike that was not available from current manufacturers. The Rv500 was born. A 500cc two-stroke, twin crank, V-twin based on Yamaha YZ250 motocross engine parts, housed in Roehrich's own custom made crankcase. At 115hp and 315lbs. the Rv500 offered a totally unique and thrilling riding experience. Research and experiments in the application of new direct fuel injection technology to bring the two stroke within EPA emission limits were carried out with promising results.

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