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Indulge and explore our collection of Asian antique furniture and collectibles. We bring to you one of the finest collections online and to our home market in Houston Texas. Our treasured pieces, including Ivory carving, Chinese vases from Qing and Ming eras, Ming Lion incense burner, and Chinese wedding cabinet, Tibetan table, just name a few, were collected from all over the Far East, as well as from America and Europe. We stand behind the quality and integrity of our authentic and genuine antiques. We are constantly changing our inventory for your pleasure. Happy browsing!

Our Asian antique furniture collection is comprised of a unique selection early 20th century Chinese country antiques, as well as a smaller, though significant selection of Tibetan antique Furniture. Simple & Beautiful: Cabinets, Armoires, Tables, Buffets, Benches, Chairs, Stands and Stools, in a Variety of Classic Dynastic Period Styles. Hand Refurbished, Preserving the Original, Authentic Chinese Design Motifs. These are not Reproductions, they're the Real Thing; Each One a Refurbished Work of Hand Crafted, Hand Painted, Hand Made Art. Post Listings on Antique, Asian Paintings, Antiques For Sale, Chinese Art, Oriental Art, Antique Buyers, Asian Art, Antique Shop, Wall Art, Buddha Art, Antique Furniture For Sale, Chinese Porcelain, Tibetan Furniture, Unique Furniture, Chinese Pottery

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