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Avert chronic eczema and psoriasis symptoms with our eczema soaps

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Now, you can completely eradicate the chronic syndromes of eczema 
And psoriasis only with our 100% organic functional skincare eczema 
Soaps. Our pure and premium herb-based soaps comply with the 
Foremost European yardstick of quality and are perfectly purposed 
For the ASEAN or Southeast Asian markets. The private labeling OEM 
Collaboration with Dr. Forster offers these innovative soaps from 
Their German labs. The skincare breakthrough product contains 
Macadamia seed oil of germicidal attributes restricting 
Dehydration, and averting dryness in the skin. The cleanser bar 
Also has glycerine, pine tar, and salicylic acid offering soothing 
Pacification to affected skin. Visit us at : 
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Malaysia ► Selangor
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