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Peps India

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Peps is a name synonymous to the quality that comes with 
India’s top-selling spring mattresses. Started with a vision 
To help India and the world to sleep better, Peps today is at 
The forefront of sleep innovation. They continually achieve 
This by creating India’s best mattresses that also meet 
International quality standards. Being driven by a cumulative 
Experience of over 72 years in the Indian mattress industry, 
Peps has embarked on a journey of growing from strength to 
Over the years, Peps has been able to create a domineering 
Presence across the Indian subcontinent. With associate 
Mattress dealers nearly in every nook and corner of the 
Country, the brand is never too far from a given customer. 
Another interesting feat that makes Peps a top choice for 
Customers looking for a top-quality spring bed is that the 
Brand has left no stone unturned to meet the varying needs of 
Every customer. If one looks to buy  bed online, they can 
Purchase a Peps mattress ease, convenience and assurance of 
Receiving a high-quality product. 
The best beds can be a disappointment if they leave the 
Sleepers ailing with joint and lower back aches. If you are 
Looking for super soft beds that match your family’s specific 
Needs, Peps has a wide range of custom mattress options. 
Having been considered one of the best mattresses for sleeping 
In India, they have options that include ortho mattresses or 
Spine mattresses for spine care and back pain. Peps also 
Offers luxurious mattresses for supreme sleep, super soft beds 
And even cost effective sleep solutions in various mattress 
Given that India is a tropical country with predominantly warm 
Weather, cooling mattresses, or sleep systems with better air 
Circulation can be of great help. And Peps as a brand, is 
Mindful of this. They also have seasonal and festive discounts 
On their mattresses and other products. 
If one is looking for a lower mattress price, Peps definitely 
Has quite a few options. Having mastered the delivery of 
International quality at lower prices has allowed the brand to 
Have cost effective, reasonably priced and even cheap mattress 
Options that provide customers with good quality sleep without 
Burning a hole in their pockets. So if you’re looking for a 
Good quality mattress to bring you lasting value, you should 
Check out the offering by Peps.  
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India ► Karnataka
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