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Mommy Scarlet Is An ABDL Mommy

Mommy Scarlet is an ABDL Mommy who always punishes my babies 
When they decide to act up, don't listen or follow instructions. 
I am ready to teach you YOUR lesson for the day so give Mommy a 
Call. All calls are discreetly billed as MELLC. All calls are 
1.99/min with A 2.50 connection fee. In the U.S.A and Canada 
Call 888-938-7382 International callers please call 714-442-
2402. Click HERE
#abdl #bdsm #femdom #diaperlover #abdlboy #abdlgirl 
#abdlcommunity #abdllifestyle
1) Services►Child and Babysitter Services
Displayed in All Sates of United States of America
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