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We sell investment company with 736 ha for tourism, aquaculture and agr

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Price [Currency] : 3500000
Area : 736
Area Convertor
Company which owns 736 ha(1.819 acres) of fish ponds in 
Concession contract for 45 years ( 2007-2052 ) located in the 
Extraordinary Danube Delta that flows into the Black Sea , 
Situated in SE Europe in Romania , with excellent tourism 
Potential but also fisheries and agriculture, looking for 
Investor, developer or associate .
We also offer 10% commission if you recommend a potential 
Buyer .
Our company has: property contract representing fixed assets 
Such as building hydro dams with a width of 10-20 m and a 
Length of 13 km surround channels and surf fishing of various 
Widths and the same length which in turn sorrounds the reed 
Platform of around 650 hectares.
A unique tourism project in Europe which consists in building 
A tourist all inclusive resort with 1000 beds in floating 
Houses placed directly on fishing and navigation channels 
Would be our proposal for an investor.
Fitting entire infrastructure of services for tourists, tour 
Operators promoting international tourism offer, promoting 
Through major travel agencies will lead to an occupancy as 
High as 6 months in the full season with a large number of 
Happy tourists leading to a fast investment return.
Along with the tourism project, can develop simultaneously 
Branches of aquaculture and agriculture . Increasing juvenile 
Fish , growth of rare species of frogs, leeches and industrial 
Crops can make annual revenue reach more than 10 million 
We sell the company that owns the concession and land 
Ownership at half the valuation of assets due to lack of funds 
And experience in tourism.
More details 
:https://anadanubedeltainvestment736ha.wordpress.com/ or +4 
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