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Closed Circuit Water Chiller for 2KW Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

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S&A Water Chiller  
Distributor in US
2 Years Warranty
Authentic S&A Water Chiller, Annual Sales Volume 60,000 Units
Closed circuit water chiller CWFL-2000 is specially designed for 
Cooling 2000W fiber laser of fiber laser metal cutting machine. It 
Is produced by Guangzhou Teyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd (also known 
As S&A), a professional China-based chiller unit manufacturer with 
16-year experience.
Recirculating water chiller CWFL-2000 is characterized by the 
Cooling capacity of 6500W and the temperature control accuracy of 
±0.5℃. With dual temperature control system, air cooled dual 
Temperature water chiller CWFL-2000 can cool the fiber laser device 
And the optics/QBH connector at the same time, which is space saving 
And cost saving. 
Closed circuit water chiller CWFL-2000 has two temperature control 
Modes as intelligent & constant temperature control mode. Under 
Constant temperature control mode, the water temperature can be set 
As a fixed value as required. Under intelligent temperature control 
Mode, the water temperature will be adjust itself according to the 
Change of the ambient temperature, which greatly avoid the condensed 
Recirculating water chiller CWFL-2000 has got the approval from CE, 
REACH, RoHS and ISO. It can be applied to cool fiber lasers of 
Different brands, such as IPG, SPI, Trumpf, nLight and so on. 
Recirculating water chiller CWFL-2000 video:
Voltage:220/380V; Frequency: 50/60Hz; Refrigerant: R-22 /R-410a
Pump power: 0.75KW; Tank capacity:15L
Max. lift: 53M/55M; Max. flow: 70L/min,83L/min
N.W: 120Kgs; G.W: 155Kgs;
Dimension :85*60*103cm (L X W X H); Packing dimension: 95*70*125cm 
(L X W X H)
About S&A Brand
S&A(TEYU) was founded in 2002. After 16 years of developing and 
Producing industrial water chillers, the headquarter covers an area 
Of 18,000 square meters, and has about 250 employees. 
Why choose S&A
Product Advantages:
1. With 11 patent certificates,ISO, CE, RoHS and REACH compliant; 
Conforms to air transport requirements; 2 years warranty
2.±0.1℃ high precision temperature control, stable cooling 
Performance, support ModBus-485 communication;
3. Establish logistic warehouses at USA and Europe;
Manufacturing Advantages:
1. Independent R&D on sheet metal, evaporator, condenser and cores 
Parts of chiller;
2. Annual output 60,000 units, product exports rate above 60%;
3. Standard bulk production, standard parts rate up to 80% ;
4. With excellent laboratory testing system, simulates actual 
Working environment for chiller.
Guangzhou Teyu Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
SKYPE: teyuchiller
Email: marketing@teyu.com.cn 
Website: https://www.teyuchiller.com
Tel: + 86-20-89301885
Fax: + 86-20-84309967
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