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Web Based School Management Software

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Our School and College management software “IFCON School Pro” 
Is developed to manage your institution. This is one attempt 
To make the overall school management experience and 
Collaboration as easy and effortless as possible. We tried to 
Fill up the communication gap between teachers or 
Administrator and parents. With a web access and mobile 
Application for iPhone, iPad and your Android device, now 
Collaboration is much more easier. Parents, students or 
Teachers can also login on web interface or on their mobile 
App to keep update of their assigned tasks and communications.
There are various modules, starting from, student admission, 
Daily assignments, examination, messaging system, attendance 
System, HR application and so on. Some of these modules are 
Listed below.
•	Admission Management with payment gateway integration
•	Attendance management
•	Student information
•	Timetable
•	Assignment
•	Fee collection – Various payment methods including 
Card payment
•	Examination
•	Library Management
•	Human Resource Management
•	Finance Management
•	Transport
•	Hostel
•	Alumni
•	Inventory Management
•	Message System
•	News
•	Gallery
•	Events
•	Data import/export
•	Backup
Feel free to contact for any sort of clarification, as 
1) Education and Training►Colleges
2) Services►Software and IT Services
Brazil ► Amapa
Web Based School Management Software
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