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Beautiful and Talking Macaw , cockatoos, greys etc Parrots

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We are parrots breeders of high quality breeds Fresh laid 
Guaranteed fertile tested parrot Birds and Eggs available for 
Sale at a very moderate price. parrot eggs are all tested by 
Candling and confirmed to be 100% fertile. the available species 
Are listed bellow as follows.Greys Parrots: African grey Parrots 
Timneh Grey ParrotsCockatoos:sulphur crested cockatoolesser 
Sulpuhr crested cockatoobare eyed cockatoo goffin cockatoo 
Umbrella cockatoo galah cockato omoluccan cockatoo triton 
Cockatoo Elenora cockatoo Macaws: Hyacinth macaws evere 
Macawscarlet macaw catalina. military macawhahns macaw halequin 
Macaw Blue and gold macaw green wing macaw ruby macaw Amamzons: 
White front amazonblue frong amazonyellow double head amazon 
Orange wing amazon Red lored amazon green cheek amazonyellow head 
Nape amazonElectus:grand Electus parrotsolomons island electus 
Parrot We shall ensure that delivery is effected right at your 
Door steps.
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Displayed in All Sates of Mexico
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