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Awesome Pairs all species of Parrots for wholesale and retail

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We sell our birds with the correct paper works and we ship to any country of
World. we have the
Following birds in our aviary
African Grey parrots
Timneh Grey
Scarlet macaws
Blue gold macaws
Blue wing macaws
Hyacinth macaws
Blue and Gold Macaw
Blue winged Macaw
Great Green Macaw
Green winged Macaw
Hyacinth Macaw
Military Macaw
Red bellied Macaw
Red fronted Macaw
Red shouldered Macaw
Scarlet Macaw
Severe Macaw
Yellow collared Macaw
Tested fertile eggs with incubators for reasonable Prices we have more
Than 30 species of parrots and eggs Available contact through email
1) Pets and Animals►Pets►Birds
Displayed in All Sates of Korea North
Cockatoos, Macaws, Electus, African greys, Toucans, conures , amazons
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Beautiful and Talking Macaw , cockatoos, greys etc Parrots [Offer]

We are parrots breeders of high quality breeds Fresh laid Guaranteed fertile tested parrot Birds and Eggs available for Sale...
All species of Macaw,African Grey,Amazon,cockatoo parrots etc [Offer]

We are parrot breeders of high quality breeds of all species And parrots eggs. All our parrots are DNA tested,...
wholesale macaws,conure,African grey,Cockatoo,Amazon birds now! [Offer]

We are breeders of beautiful parrots birds and we have available some eggs for sale at reasonable prices. All species of parrots...
wholesale now African Grey, Macaws, Kea, Cockatoo, Amazon And Fresh Parrot [Offer]

we have some tamed parrots and their fresh fertile eggs ready For sale. All our birds are tamed and talking and...
Variety of Healthy and Weaned parrots for sale now [Offer]

Young parrots Beautiful colours, wolf, whistles, We well Macaws, african greys, cockatoos , electus and amazon parrots and other variety...


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