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Charisse Abalos leads Mandaleños to a healthy lifestyle through “Zhumba

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Zhumba Caravan
What is the most fun way of combining cardiovascular workout 
With rhythmic dance and pop music? Ask Councilor Charisse and 
She will respond in two words - Zhumba Caravan!
This aerobic fitness program in Mandaluyong City is the 
Brainchild of Miss Charisse. Inspired by the idea of Columbian 
Choreographer, Alberto "Beto" Perez, who merged the South 
American music dance and cardio intervals with resistance 
Training, she conceived this project to bring it to various 
Communities in the Tiger City.
Leading by example, this fit and trim legislator visits a 
Barangay every Saturday morning and dance with its residents. 
Together, they all benefit by toning their muscles and losing 
Their excess cellulite, while enjoying the vigorous moves of 
The world’s latest pop craze.
When asked about the objective of Zumba Caravan, Miss Abalos 
Vivaciously replied, “This project aims to bring and increase 
Awareness on health and wellness on to the different 
Communities and barangays here in Mandaluyong.” While the 
Intention is to educate the people regarding the positive 
Effects of exercise on their general physical condition, she 
Also added that this project “serves as an avenue where city 
Residents can mingle and have fun together while dancing their 
Way towards a healthy lifestyle.”
With easy-to-follow dance routines, the participants rise 
Above the physical challenge of exercises. Within an hour of 
Zumba session, they work out longer, burn calories faster, and 
Produce lots of endorphins. In no time, they achieve their 
Body sculpting goals and end up as happier citizens.           
So the next time you go to any public gym in Mandaluyong, and 
You see a lot of energetic people sweating out from aerobic 
Exercises, and moving their bodies with the Latin beat, then 
You better join them and experience the Zumba fever!
Know more at http://charisseabalos.com/, the official website 
Of Councilor Charisse Abalos
Or call us at 02-5325001 loc. 578	
Our office Address is 3F BOC Building, City Hall Compound, 
Maysilo Circle, Mandaluyong City 1550
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