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Handwriting Expert, Document Examiner, Signature Analyst- SIFS India

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SIFS is renowned for its world-class laboratories and 
Recognized with Govt. of India (Ministry of Corporate 
Affairs). We have Specialists to lead you in the Investigation 
And unearth the Truth! You may avail various Investigation 
Services at our Forensic laboratory: 
We provide several Handwriting Investigation Services at our 
Forensic Laboratory: 
Questioned Document Investigations-
•Comparison between the Admitted and Disputed Handwriting 
•Identification of the document (photocopy, scanned or 
•Forensic Photography of the documents.
•Content Scaling from the Margin.
•Examination of Erasures/Obliteration
•Examination of Alteration, Deletion and Addition of the 
Content in the documents.
•Examination of typescripts
•Evaluation of Spacing Factor.
•Handwriting, Signature verification
•Resolution of Inter and Intra Distance.
•Characterization of the letters or the words.
We provide Forensic Expert Opinions under Section 45 of Indian 
Evidence Act on Questioned Document examination. We also offer 
Litigation support, deposition, and courtroom testimony.
Our organization provide the services in the verification and 
Examination of the handwriting including the various documents 
Like suicide or anonymous letter, bill, cheque etc. that 
Includes several parameters in the examination like: Forensic 
Photography of the documents, Content Scaling from the Margin, 
Examination of Erasures/Obliteration, Examination of 
Alteration, Deletion and Addition of the content in the 
Address: - 2443, Basement, Hudson Line, Kingsway Camp, Delhi-
Mobile: + 91 - 9871502343, +91 – 9953546546, +91-011-47074263
E-Mail:- contact@sifsindia.com
Website:  http://sifsindia.com/handwriting-expert.php
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