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Indian Handmade Softfurnishings

Decorative Pillows :
Cushion is now playing very important role in home decoration. 
Earlier, it was used only for  supports to back, neck & head 
Ourselves in sofa, but now-a-days, it is also used in small 
Sizes in our bedroom. 
There are various types of cushions are available in the 
Market, from different kinds of hand embroidery to machine 
Made cushions as per market requirements. In India, handmade 
Cushions such as crosia work, chicken work of Lucknow, 
Handwork of Gujarat & Rajasthan are selling in our country as 
Well as in foreign countries. Crosia work is made from white 
Thin cotton & woollen threads to give cool feeling. In chicken 
Work, there are different kinds of 32 hand-stitches, 16 of 
Kutchi work hand-stitches of Gujarat established a glorious 
Identity in all over the world. 
Decorative pillows are commonly used to harmonise in colors 
With other furnishing products of our home such as drapes, 
Walls or area rugs. Now, decorative pillows are available in 
Different sizes & shapes such as rectangle, round, triangle, 
Cylindrical throw pillows called as bolster. In pillows, there 
Are all sorts of fabric quality using such as Cotton, Silk, 
Georgette, Leather...etc to make attractive pillows. Now-a-
Days, many artisans are using old & wastage lace, fabric to 
Make cushion in best level quality. In India, they are 
Utilizing Banarasi silk lace, old fabrics contain handwork 
Patches in dark colors such as red, green, orange, blue...etc 
To give trendy look to cushion. In silk fabric, there is 
Different kind of handwork using beads, sequence work called 
Jardosi work to create high rich look & totally discrete 
Acquaintance of India. In foreign country, there is 
Manufacturing scientific proved cushion cover to heal backside 
Of our body, prescribed by doctor. 
In conclusion, cushion is now playing very important role in 
Our lifestyle so it becomes necessity item, not a luxury item 
As earlier believed by people. 
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