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oxygen for fish, aquaculture oxygen, oxygen for fish, oxygen to Pisicultura

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Oxygen generator for Pisicultura is a trading company of oxygen 
Generating plants for the reproduction of fish, fish farming, 
Fish breeding and fish production increased for piscicola 
Aquaculture industry in the world, we have over 18 years 
Experience in marketing and installation of: 
FISH oxygen generators 
Aquacultural oxygen producing plants 
Assembly of supply networks oxygen tanks, lakes or FISH cages and 
Water purifiers 
Network maintenance 
Oxygen Network Design 
Benefits of the application of oxygen to fish: 
- Senior piscicola reproduction: 40,000 to 100,000 fish for fish 
- Higher rate of fish growth 
- Less stress or stress of fishes and fish culture 
- Lower rates of disease 
- Higher selling price of crops and more useful 
- Does not require much energy consumption 
- Have experience with various types of fish: salmon, trout, eel, 
Sea bass, sea bream and tilapia, as well as their uses freshwater 
And seawater 
- We have partnerships for all your inputs piscicola company 
Requires: bacteria, geomembranes, scales, scales, technical 
Assistance, flowmeters, etc. 
- Aquaculture greater uniformity: 30% to 90% 
- Lower mortality rate of growing piscicola 
- Strength and health of farmed fish 
- Increased capacity of kilos of fish per m3 
- Less need for construction of tanks 
Our presence is global, we will be ready to all your questions 
And listing of equipment 
Juan esteban bedoya 
Mobile: 57301 5725637.57311 3490728.57304 5308338.57317 4306069 
Whats app: +57304 5308338, +57311 3490728 
Blackberry pin: 797a3f74 - 79ee8a6e 
Email: juanesade@hotmail.com - grupopretoria@hotmail.com 
Linkedin: juan esteban bedoya castrillon 
Skype: juanesbeca 
Facebook: plantasproductorasdeoxigeno@hotmail.com 
Twitter: @ generadoresoxi 
Google+: juan esteban bedoya castrillon 
Medellin - Colombia 
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Oxygen for salmon, trout oxygen, oxygen for fish, oxygen to fish
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